Let's build together: 0800 225 525

Let's build together: 0800 225 525

Ablution Buildings

Modcom is your trusted source for high-quality portable ablution toilet blocks for hire. As industry leaders, we understand the importance of providing clean, efficient, and reliable sanitation solutions for various sectors, including education, construction, infrastructure, and events.

Our portable ablution blocks are designed with a focus on quality, comfort, and functionality. Featuring standard panel doors, vinyl flooring, louvre windows, toilets, showers, basins, urinals, power points, and internal and external LED lights, Modcom ensures a premium user experience.

Portable Ablution Toilet Blocks
Ablution blocks are available in a variety of configurations including unisex, split male/female and accessible.

Features & Benefits

portable ablution toilet plumbing connection

Plumbing Connection

Modcom's ablution blocks are designed for integration into your site’s existing infrastructure. They must be connected to a wastewater/sewage system to ensure proper functionality. Suitable for in-ground or above-ground systems, our ablution blocks guarantee efficient disposal, maintaining hygiene standards without compromise. Tank options may be available depending on the capacity and location requirements.
portable ablution toilet block electrical connection

Electrical Connection

Each ablution block is hardwired for electrical connections and features an external electrical box. An electrical code of compliance certificate is attached to the electrical switchboard inside. To activate the electrical components of the ablution block, a Registered Electrician must connect it to the power supply on-site. This installation ensures a reliable and safe electrical system for your ablution facilities. Some ablution blocks may be suitable for supply with caravan plugs; talk to us about your requirements.
high quality portable ablution toilet

Built to last

Modcom's portable ablution toilet blocks are solidly constructed using quality fittings and hard-wearing materials, providing a robust and reliable solution. The design ensures durability, making them suitable for various environments and usage intensities.

High-Dependency Ablution Facilities

Modcom offers versatile high-needs ablution facilities, perfect for individuals requiring additional support. These customisable units, suitable for temporary and permanent setups, are equipped with accessible showers, toilets, and adjustable hand basins.

Designed to accommodate hoists and changing tables, they meet the specific needs of mobility-impaired users in educational and residential settings. Available in gas or electric models, our high-dependency blocks provide practical solutions for long-term or short-term use.

Customised Portable High Dependency Ablution Toilet Blocks

Ablution Range

Find the ideal ablution block for your requirements. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations including toilets, accessible toilets and showers.


Have questions about our Portable Ablution Blocks? Browse our FAQ section for details on features, installation, and customisation.

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