Let's build together: 0800 225 525

Let's build together: 0800 225 525

Custom Portable Buildings

Modcom is an industry leader in portable construction, offering a comprehensive project management service that covers design, consent, site preparation, build, delivery, and installation.

Our buildings are manufactured in our purpose-built facility, ensuring each structure is robust, durable, and energy-efficient while fully complying with all New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) standards. Serving construction project managers, event organisers, and educational institutions, Modcom delivers flexibility, functionality, and convenience in custom portable solutions designed to meet the specific needs of your project or event.

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Flexible options

Tailored solutions often involve supplying multiple buildings in various configurations to a site. Each building can be individually customised to suit specific needs, whether through modifications to existing structures or manufacturing new buildings in our purpose-built facility.

Additional elements such as decks, canopies, steps, ramps, and paths can be incorporated to link multiple buildings to enhance functionality and connectivity. This comprehensive, site-specific approach ensures that every project meets our client’s unique needs.

Our Design and Build Process

Our design consultation process is thorough and collaborative, ensuring your buildings meet your exact specifications.

1. Understanding Your Needs

The first step is to fully understand your project's requirements, including constraints, site conditions, and other limitations. We gain the insights to offer targeted recommendations and solutions by identifying your goals and objectives.

2. Building Selection

Our expert team guides you in choosing the appropriate buildings for your project, offering the flexibility to modify designs as necessary.

3. Site Conditions

The layout of your building is strategically planned for maximum efficiency and functionality, considering the integration of additional elements like decks, canopies, steps, or ramps.

4. Council Consents

Our service includes navigating the process of obtaining council consents and ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met for your new build.

5. Construction of Additional Buildings

This process involves constructing the new buildings that your project requires within our purpose-built facility.

6. Site Preparation

Preparing the site for your building's arrival is a critical step, addressing any groundwork and site work necessary to support the installation.

7. Delivery

Your building is transportation and delivery are closely managed to align with the project schedule and site readiness.

8. Installation

Our team executes the installation on-site, ensuring all buildings and additional elements are securely positioned and connected to services such as electrical and plumbing, according to the site plan.

9. Handover

The final step involves a thorough handover process, ensuring everything is in place, functional, and ready for use, meeting your satisfaction and project specifications.

Why choose Modcom for custom Portable Buildings

Modcom portable buildings offer an array of advantages for your next project. We’re committed to delivering exceptional solutions tailored to your requirements, which sets us apart in the industry. Here’s why partnering with Modcom offers exceptional benefits:

Designed for you

Tailor buildings to meet specific needs and preferences.


Utilise multiple buildings for a practical, evolving solution.


Buildings can be adjusted to changing project demands.

Turnkey service

We do it all. Modcom handles all aspects from design to installation.


All work complies with the New Zealand Building Code for quality and safety.


We create site-specific solutions with additional add-ons for connectivity and functionality.
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Our Safety Pledge

At Modcom, safety is the foundation of our operations. Our commitment extends beyond regulatory adherence, fostering a culture prioritising proactive safety measures and continually enhancing our practices. Our Health and Safety Manager is accredited by NZISM, we have Gold SiteWise status, and we are members of the Crane Association. We are dedicated to refining our safety protocols to protect our staff, clients, and the public.

Our approach to safety is all-encompassing, from the initial site assessment to the completion of installation. We aim to meet safety standards and set new benchmarks, ensuring a safe and reliable process at every stage.

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