Let's build together: 0800 225 525

Let's build together: 0800 225 525

Delivery & Installation

Modcom excels in the safe and efficient delivery and installation of portable buildings.
Our experts streamlines the entire process. We work with you to tailor the process to the unique requirements of your project — from detailed site preparation to final installation.
delivery and installation of portable buildings

Our Delivery Process

delivery and installation of portable buildings including site preparation

Site Preparation

We understand the important role of proper site preparation and manage every element of the site and foundation work needed to install your portable buildings. Our comprehensive project management service covers everything—from initiating design and planning to securing council permits. We manage earthworks and the setup of electrical, water supply, wastewater, and foundations, guaranteeing your site is primed for the arrival of your new Modcom unit or units.

This all-inclusive approach means you can expect a hassle-free project commencement, confident that every detail is expertly managed.

Transport & Delivery

Our commitment to your project’s successful completion extends to the delivery phase. With a specialised fleet of transportation vehicles, including trucks, cranes, and hiabs, we provide nationwide delivery that’s not just timely but adapted to the nuances of your site.

A detailed site visit precedes delivery, allowing us to create a logistics plan that meets your location's specific needs and challenges. Our seasoned expertise in manoeuvring large buildings into challenging sites translates into a delivery process you can trust to be smooth and efficient.

delivery and installation of portable buildings including transportation
delivery and installation of temporary hire portable buildings

Installation: Temporary Hire

Modcom’s portable buildings are securely placed on dunnage and levelled for safety and stability upon delivery. Each unit is ready for a quick electrical hookup by a registered electrician to a single-phase mains connection or caravan lead (provided on request).


For units with plumbed services, such as lunchrooms or ablution blocks, our buildings provide a simple connection to on-site services, with each building pre-plumbed to a single outlet. This allows for faster connection to on-site plumbing by a qualified plumber.

Installation: Permanent Buildings

Our turnkey solution for permanent buildings is designed to streamline your experience. From securing local council consent to preparing and setting out foundations, we manage every step with precision and attention to detail.

The delivery and placement of buildings on foundations are followed by the construction of access features: landings, canopies, decks, steps, and ramps—to ensure full accessibility and functionality.

We also oversee the connection of essential services, including electrical and three waters, making the transition to your new building smooth and stress-free.

delivery and installation of portable buildings for permanent installation
Modcom is a can-do, will-do, do-do company.  Most of the transportation for deliveries and removals have to be done at anti-social hours, never an issue to the Modcom team.  Even at 5 am in the rain, they arrived on time, the crane was in place, and the buildings were placed or removed without a word of complaint.

The Modcom difference

Integrated Project Management

Modcom sets itself apart with a comprehensive approach to project management, encompassing every phase from initial consultation to the final installation. We aim to deliver a smooth, hassle-free process, guaranteeing our clients feel supported at every step.

Site Safe Accreditations

Modcom is not only Site Wise Gold Accredited but also ensures that every member of our site and manufacturing teams holds either a Site Safe Passport or Site Safe Supervisor accreditation. This rigorous adherence to safety accreditations demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards in the industry.

Expert Delivery

Our extensive fleet of trucks, cranes, and hiabs, combined with our logistical expertise, allows us to deliver modular buildings promptly and efficiently to any location nationwide.

Creative Problem-Solving

When faced with unique challenges, Modcom excels. Our skilled team specialises in innovative solutions, ensuring the successful setup of your portable buildings, no matter the complexity of your site.

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is at the core of everything we do at Modcom. Our dedication goes beyond compliance; it's about creating a culture of proactive safety measures and continuous improvement. Our Health and Safety Manager holds NZISM Accreditation, we are active members of the Crane Association, and we have Gold SiteWise status. We are constantly evolving our practices to ensure the well-being of our staff, clients, and the public.

Our approach to safety is comprehensive, covering everything from the initial site visit to the final delivery and installation of our portable buildings. This highlights our commitment to not just meeting but exceeding safety standards.

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