Let's build together: 0800 225 525

Let's build together: 0800 225 525


Create state-of-the-art learning spaces! We specialise in Portable, Modular Classrooms, Administration Buildings, and Ablution Blocks, offering innovative solutions for the Education Industry.

As a trusted supplier and a pre-approved member of the Ministry of Education's off-site manufacturing panel, we manufacture and supply adaptable and efficient learning spaces to educational institutions.

Ministry of Education Partner

Modcom's distinction as a pre-approved supplier on the Ministry of Education's off-site manufacturing panel speaks volumes about our expertise. We are pivotal in delivering offsite manufactured learning spaces nationwide, contributing to modernising educational facilities.  Additionally, all Modcom Teaching Spaces meet the Ministry of Education's Designing Quality Learning Spaces (DQLS) requirements, ensuring they support the best possible educational experiences.

Portable Modular Classrooms
Interior of Modcom's Portable Modular Classrooms
Decks and covered walkways for Modcom's Portable Modular Classrooms

High-Dependency Ablution Facilities

Modcom's high-dependency ablution blocks are designed to cater specifically to individuals with high-needs disabilities, offering either permanent or temporary solutions that ensure accessibility and comfort. These units are sized to accommodate essential aids such as hoists and changing tables (available in freestanding or wall-mounted options) and include accessible showers, toilets, and hand basins, with height adjustability where necessary.

Tailored to meet each client's unique requirements, our ablution blocks are ideal for use in educational settings, providing long-term or short-term support. Available in both gas and electric hot water cylinder models, they represent a flexible and considerate solution for those with specific needs, underscoring Modcom's commitment to inclusivity and care in the education sector.

Why choose Modcom for portable classrooms

At Modcom, quality is fundamental to everything we do. Our Portable Classrooms are built to exceed industry standards, guaranteeing durability, strength, and lasting performance. But we offer more than just physical spaces; we design environments conducive to learning.

Minimal Disruption

By manufacturing off-site and moving onto site when ready for installation, our construction process minimises disruption to your institution, allowing for uninterrupted learning.

Speed of Delivery

We understand that time is of the essence. Modcom's Portable Classrooms are efficiently designed and delivered, ensuring that your educational spaces are ready when needed.

Flexible Spaces

Adaptability is crucial in the dynamic education landscape. Our classrooms are designed for flexibility, providing spaces that can evolve with your institution's changing needs.

Custom-Designed Solutions

Modcom’s portable buildings offer custom-designed solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need additional classroom space, specialised learning areas, administration buildings, ablution blocks, specialised high-needs ablution facilities or temporary buildings during renovations, we have you covered.

Energy-Efficient and Well-Insulated

Our classrooms are not just structures but energy-efficient spaces designed for comfortable learning throughout the year. Well-insulated and thoughtfully designed, they create an optimal environment for education.


Focus on education, not upkeep. Modcom's Portable Classrooms are constructed with low-maintenance materials, allowing you to direct your resources where they matter most.

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