Let's build together: 0800 225 525

Let's build together: 0800 225 525

Events & Hospitality

Planning major events demands not just reliable solutions but scalable ones.

We specialise in providing practical and versatile portable building hire solutions tailored specifically to meet the dynamic needs of event organisers across the Events & Hospitality industry. Whether you’re orchestrating a grand concert, a vibrant festival, or an exclusive special gathering, our portable buildings provide efficiency, reliability and the unique ability to scale to your event’s requirements.

From a single unit to a fleet of 50, our capacity to supply multiple buildings ensures your event infrastructure can accommodate any size of audience, feature or function, enabling you to create an unforgettable experience.

Portable Building Hire for Events & Hospitality
Multiple Portable Building Hire for Events
Specialised ticket booth portable building hire for events

Event Building Options

Ticket Booths

Efficiently manage guest entry with our ticket booths, designed for smooth operations and optimal guest experience.
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Comms Rooms

For broadcasting and communication needs, our Comms Rooms provide a centralised hub to keep your event connected and running smoothly.


Our portable lunchrooms have built-in tables, bench seating, sink benches, and hot water units, providing a comfortable space for staff and volunteers to take a break and recharge.
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Office Units

Versatile and secure, our Office Units are ideal for event operations, offering a centralised space to coordinate activities and store personal belongings.
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Modcom offers secure and comfortable accommodation units, ensuring a private and restful space for performers, staff, or special guests during your event.

Why choose Modcom for portable event building hire

Choose Modcom for your events and hospitality needs. Our specialised services and portable building hire solutions bring efficiency, convenience, and quality to events and functions.

Easy advanced booking service

Ensure a stress-free planning experience by booking your portable building rentals in advance.

Event-Specific Buildings

Our Event Units are designed to cater specifically for events and can be used for ticket sales, comms, judging booths or TV recording.

Reliable & Friendly Service

Modcom delivers dependable, practical and friendly service. As a New Zealand-owned and operated business, we provide a personal touch to meet your event requirements.

Affordable Options

Whether it's a month-long festival or a single-day show, our portable building hire services offer cost-effective event solutions without compromising quality.

Prompt Delivery & Setup

Enjoy peace of mind with prompt delivery to your event location. We handle transportation and setup, ensuring everything is in place when you need it.

Want to know more?

You can learn more about our Event & Hospitality solutions by browsing our range of portable buildings or by visiting our FAQ page.


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Ready to plan your next event with Modcom portable buildings? Fill out our Event Enquiry form. We’ll create a tailored solution to meet your needs and help you create a memorable and successful event.

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