Let's build together: 0800 225 525

Let's build together: 0800 225 525

Kitchenette & Lunchrooms

Modcom's portable Lunchroom and Kitchenette buildings provide multifunctional spaces designed to cater to the needs of any workforce, combining convenience with comfort.

Whether utilised as office spaces with the added benefit of a kitchenette or as a dedicated lunchroom equipped with tables and chairs for break times, these portable buildings are engineered to offer a flexible solution for break facilities on-site.

Designed with the workforce in mind, our Kitchenette/Lunchroom buildings come with essential amenities like a sink, tap, and continuous hot water system, alongside options for attached or separate seating arrangements. Built to accommodate teams of varying sizes, where employees can prepare meals and enjoy their breaks in a secure, comfortable environment.

Modcom's portable lunchroom and kitchenette buildings
From open-plan layouts to the Combo—a two-room split offering separate office and lunchroom areas—each building is tailored for ultimate flexibility, ensuring your team has a comfortable space to relax and recharge.

 Features & Benefits

Modcom's portable lunchroom includes kitchenette

Fully Equipped Kitchenette

Includes a sink, tap, and Zip hot water system for meal prep convenience.
Modcom's portable lunchroom is durable and hard wearing

Flexible and Durable Design

Our portable lunchroom buildings are available in various layouts and are built with industrial-grade materials for longevity and frequent use.
Modcom's portable lunchroom buildings are comfortable

Comfort and Safety

Prioritises employee wellbeing with a comfortable environment for breaks and meal times.
Modcom's portable lunchroom and kitchenette buildings can be deployed to site quickly

Quick Deployment

Ready for fast installation and available for both short-term and long-term hire, accommodating immediate needs.

Kitchenette Range

Explore our range of portable lunchroom and kitchenette buildings designed to provide comfortable break facilities on any site.


Discover more about our Kitchenette and Lunchroom buildings through our FAQ section. Get insights on features, installation, and how to tailor these spaces to your site's requirements.

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