Let's build together: 0800 225 525

Let's build together: 0800 225 525


Portable ablution building with accessible toilet.


10.8m x 3.0m




The 10.8m x 3.0m Portable Ablution Block, the most expansive in our standard lineup, accommodates larger sites with 3 male toilets, 5 female toilets, and one accessible toilet cubicle. This unit surpasses traditional portable chemical toilets, providing a robust solution for commercial and construction sites needing reliable, large-scale sanitation facilities.

Includes a generous self-contained accessible cubicle.


The layout efficiently distributes male, female, and accessible toilet cubicles within the 10.8m x 3.0m space, ensuring ease of access and user privacy.
Accessible Toilet
Male Cubicles
Female Cubicles
Hot Water Cylinder & Storage

Single Outlet

Double Outlet

Double Lightswitch

Electrical Board

Exterior Light


This Ablution Block comes equipped with essential amenities to meet the demands of large sites:

  • Separate sections for male and female toilets, plus an accessible cubicle, catering to diverse needs.
  • Quality fittings and vinyl flooring for enhanced durability and easy maintenance.
  • Options for gas or electric water heating, accommodating site-specific requirements.
  • Louvre windows for natural ventilation and light.
  • Fully hardwired with internal and external LED lighting, ensuring well-lit conditions.
  • Ready for on-site plumbing, allowing for quick and efficient installation.

About the Build

Versatile Configuration

Offers a layout that supports high traffic, ensuring functionality across various commercial and construction environments.

Sustainability and Efficiency

Built with energy-saving features and designed for minimal environmental impact while providing maximum utility.


Looking for more information on our 10.8m x 3.0m Portable Ablution Block? Visit our FAQ section for insights into installation, customisation, and specifications.

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