Let's build together: 0800 225 525

Let's build together: 0800 225 525


Single Modular Teaching Space


12.0m x 7.2m

Step into our 12.0m x 7.2m Single Teaching Space, a modular classroom solution designed to meet the evolving needs of educational institutions. Comprising two 12m x 3.6m units assembled onsite, this flexible space can be tailored to fit various requirements.

Flexible open plan teaching space for semi-permanent or permanent installation


Our Single Teaching Space is a practical solution to extend your teaching facilities.
Entry Door
Acoustic wall lining
Carpet flooring

Single Outlet

Double Outlet

Blank for Data

Double Lightswitch

Electrical Board

Exterior Light


Discover the key features of our 12.0m x 7.2m Single Teaching Space:

  • Flexible Sizing: Tailor the classroom dimensions to match your specific needs.
  • Modular Assembly: Two 12m x 3.6m units assembled onsite for a cohesive space.
  • Premium Quality: Built to modern MoE DQLS standards with durable materials.
  • Comfortable Environment: Optimal insulation for year-round comfort.
  • Customisable Design: Personalise layout and finishes to reflect your institution’s style.
  • Sustainable Solutions: Energy-efficient systems and eco-friendly materials.

About the Build

Tailored Solutions

Our Single Teaching Space provides exceptional customisation options, enabling adjustments to features and fit-out to meet the specific functional requirements of your educational setting. From incorporating extra storage solutions to implementing unique room layouts and advanced educational technology integrations, our versatile design choices guarantee that your teaching space is aligned with your academic goals.

Efficient Assembly

Our modular classrooms are designed for rapid on-site assembly. This streamlines the construction process, drastically reducing the impact on ongoing school activities and ensuring a smooth, fast transition from delivery to operational use. This efficiency shortens the installation timeframe and facilitates seamless integration into the school’s infrastructure, minimising downtime and maximising educational continuity.


Have questions about our Single Teaching Space? Explore our FAQs to learn more.

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